The Johan Bossuyt Trophy

2014 Colin Baker & Jonathan Packham

2013 Barney Townsend  

2012 Paul Kilburn 

2011 Richard & Sue Shaw



Michel Carnet

Michel was one of the founding members of the UK PPG Committee and its first Chairman, from around the time of Johan's accident in 2006.

He has enjoyed competing for over 30 years in hang gliding, paragliding, gliding, microlighting and paramotoring, becoming British National Champion eleven times.

Michel's competition success saw him climb onto the rostrum at the last three World Championships, winning a complete set of individual FAI Bronze, Silver and Gold medals.

He was also heavily involved in training the British Squad for many years and was very proud to be part of the British Team winning three FAI Team medals (one Bronze and two Silver).

Michel his looking forward to defending his World Champion title at the World Championship in Spain in August 2012.

in 2011, Michel was also the Task Director for the British Open, a role that Johan had kindly accepted to undertake for the 2006 Nationals, a few days before his tragic accident.



Andy Phillips    

Having competed in five National Championships and flown in the FAI Bronze-winning team in the 2006 Europeans, Andy was talked into working on the organising Committee for the Nationals in 2006. He took over the chair in 2007 and in 2008, directed his first Nationals at Northrepps. Having survived the ordeal, he’s since directed two more National Competitions, scored for another and continues in the Comp Director role for the 2010 Open Championships. He says he thoroughly enjoys the months of planning and then the running of the event (should get out more) and is planning a return to competition in next year’s League, this time on a trike. Having met and flown with Johan a number of times, he was surprised and very flattered when Norman McNeil sprung the award on him at the end of a relentless first leg of the new League last September. Andy continues in both roles as chair of the organising committee and Competition Director.


Norman McNeil

Having been involved in Marshalling at the UK comps for 6 years, done a stint at a World Comp, helping to run the Pie and Peas events and supporting the Yorkshire Owls events, Norman is a very familiar face to be seen helping pilots get off the ground and achieve their flying ambitions. He also sporadically publishes a PPG calender of events on the web site.  A keen paramotor pilot and BHPA Club Coach he also has a PPL and flies Motor Gliders regularly. Having met Johan several times at events he got to know him and Vee quite well and was noticeably touched when presented with the trophy. Continuing the tearful theme at the presentation he was affectionally renamed Bubbles.


Janet Haines

Even though Janet is not a paramotor pilot she has nevertheless been very involved in the UK paramotoring scene for many years.  Prior to 2003 she spent many a happy hour as a marshal at Championships, then moved into the administration office to assist RMH at the 2003 Worlds.  With that experience under her belt she went on in subsequent years to be the Secretary to the Committee and in 2007 also taking on the Chairperson's role in the absence of any other volunteer. As a keen photographer Janet has enjoyed taking photos of pilots competing in the NATs, creating and making their competitor certificates.  When the lovely wife, Vee, of the late Johan presented the trophy to Janet in 2007 it was a very tearful and emotionally charged moment, with both women remembering the true spirit of Johan.  



Richard Meredith Hardy

 Without Richard we might never have had National Championships and British teams competing in FAI Internationals. He ran the show single handed for many years and it was only after he decreed that ‘someone else needs to take this over’ that others started to step into his shoes. Ultimately this led to the formation of the current committee. Richard is also a strong member of the organising team for International events, including being the PPG Meet Director when the World Championships came to Long Marston in 2003. Recognising his services to Paramotoring, Richard was the first individual to receive the Johan Trophy in 2006.


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