The Johan Bossuyt Trophy


Richard and Sue SHAW

I never had the privilege of meeting Johan, but from what I've read about the man, two things stand out.
Firstly he was willing to sacrifice his flying so that others could enjoy the pleasures of this sport.
And secondly he was supported and assisted in this by his wife Vee.
Therefore I wish to take the unusual step of nominating two people for this year's award, namely Richard and Sue Shaw, whose unstinting efforts contribute massively to these events, very much in line with the ethos of Johan and Vee.

 Nominated by: Name supplied and witheld.


Andy Phillips is seconding the nomination of Richard and Sue Shaw with the following statement:

“Richard and Sue have selflessly given huge amounts of time over the last four years to make the British competitions work. It's no exaggeration to say that without their combined efforts, the event would be nowhere near as well-organised as it is. I know it's unusual to nominate two people, but Richard and Sue work completely as a pair. Sue does a massive amount of work in support of Richard and never takes any credit for it. The competition community will only realise just how much worth they do for us when they stop! As chair of the committee, I know just how much Richard and Sue do in support of the events, so I can honestly say that their contribution to the sport is truly significant. The fact that they never seek any recognition for their work make them worthy of this award - to them,  just making it all happen for everyone else is their reward.”

 ...and a further endorsement from Mike Chilvers:

"I echo and support the above nominations for Richard and Sue Shaw equally. Very worthy nominees in the true "Johan" spirit, in my opinion, knowing what goes on in the background and the work they have achieved, and such nice people too :)"


Paul Kilburn

Nominated by Peter Duck


Paul has always strived to promote Paramotoring to the wider world and has gone out of his way to help others within the sport. Having read the article in Paramotor magazine of how he was integral to the rescue of the family from the rising tide trapped on a sand bank. I can think of no person more deserving of recognition for such a selfless act, putting himself at risk to save others.